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Weight Loss Program

Factors keeping you from losing weight

Many individuals who struggle with weight loss, especially those who have failed at losing weight in the past, have difficulty because of various factors that act as weight loss blockers. Removing these weight loss blockers and finding a healthy balance between exercise, food and happiness is the key to lasting weight loss.

Unknown hormonal imbalances can be a major contributing factor in the inability to lose weight, especially in middle age and older females. It is estimated that up to 50 percent of Americans suffer from some form of sub-clinical hormonal imbalance but most have no idea!

Environmental stressors from synthetic substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, household cleaners, medications, and food preservatives block weight loss at the cellular level and can even increase your cravings for bad foods!

Emotional and psychological needs play a small or potentially large role in the way everyone eats. For some the emotional attachment to food is much stronger and fulfills a sense of certainty and comfort. Some even blame themselves for not having more willpower but for the majority of us this association is controlled mainly by the food we eat!

Make weight loss a priority now more so then ever! 

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America at 25 percent, followed closely by cancer at 23 percent, both preventable through natural means.
  • Obesity among children now reaches 20%, 34% in adults. We will have our first generation of children whose life expectancy is less than their parents. 
  • Diabetes in adults has gone from 4% to 30% even though virtually all cases of type II diabetes are reversible.
  • The truth is 95% of all diets fail and 35% of gastric bypasses fail long-term. Weight loss is not something you have to do alone and it does not have to be a challenge!

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